If you are looking for a choice of fashionable spectacles in London, then we have an extensive range in our Masons Avenue Branch. Hodd Barnes & Dickins have followed the development of spectacle frames with interest over the past century. From the real shell and horn rim spectacles of the 20’s and 30’s, through the introduction of National Health Spectacles in the 1950’s, designing and manufacturing our own range of frames in the 60’s and 70’s to the modern era where spectacle frames are looked upon as a fashion accessory as much as a functional item.

Today the modern diversity of frame styles means that there is so much choice and with that frames can be made from so many different materials. Our selected lines are sourced from as far afield as Iceland to Japan and our current frame selection reflects this. annual visits to optical conferences around the world mean that we are always at the forefront of what is happening in the Optical scene and we are able to offer complete pairs of spectacles from as little as £89.00 to our top of the range precious metal lines at £3800.00 and more.

Our staff are instructed that under no circumstances should a Patient feel pressurised into purchasing expensive frames or lenses.Indeed, should you prefer to use your existing frames for your new prescription, every care will be taken to ensure the job is completed successfully but work will be carried out at your own risk.

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In 1996, Robert Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘English’ brand. The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.

Coupled with the love and pride that goes into creating the frames is the same level of hard work, dedication and personal service that each member of the William Morris London team strive to give their customers on a daily basis.

From humble beginnings to what is today a successful global brand, William Morris London employ staff, agents and distributors all over the world.

As the market has grown, so have the collections, the designs, the point of sale and everything else that goes into making a brand that is embraced so fondly by everyone.

It’s important to know that the philosophy and brand attributes of William Morris London remain as strong as they were all those years ago. In a corporate saturated world it’s the ‘family’ values that set them apart and what their customers appreciate.

A family that has the founder and managing director still very much at the helm. A family that listens, provides knowledge, adapts to needs and sets standards. All delivered with love and passion that’s simply unrivalled by anyone.

Savile Row frames attract an iconic celebrity following, including Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt,John Lennon, Denzel Washington, Steve Jobs, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna, Eric Clapton, Harrison Ford and even Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.

Our factory, Algha Works, still uses machinery dating back to its origins in 1898. Our frame makers are passionate about creating unique pieces that never go out of style. Hundreds of processes, days of work and years of experience are evident in each tailor-made frame.

Like its namesake, Savile Row's hand-crafted frames must be felt to be experienced. Our frames pay homage to a rich history while attracting a young discerning clientele. Savile Row is tailored eyewear at its finest. View Collections

A constant search for innovation, the visionary use of materials and a wealth of experience in eyewear design are the defining elements behind MYKITA’s collections.

A key factor in the company’s success is its holistic business philosophy, which brings together expertise from all disciplines under a single roof, the MYKITA HAUS. It thrives on the power of a self-contained network that enables interdisciplinary research and the transfer of technologies.

This all-encompassing mentality is also reflected in the MYKITA Shops; the unique retail concept unites the firm’s own design principles with optical precision made in Germany.

Paul Smith Eyewear - Designer Sunglasses and spectacles including Aviator styles handcrafted from the finest materials the designs are ...Paul Smith is Britain’s foremost designer. He is renowned for his creative aesthetic, which combines tradition and modernity.

Reaffirming the values that Paul set down in 1970, ‘classic with a twist’ remains the guiding principle of the company.

Paul’s saying, that 'you can find inspiration in everything’, means that references are eclectic, coming from high art and everyday life. Each Paul Smith design is underpinned by a dry British sense of humour: quirky but not frivolous, eccentric but not silly.

Happily positioned between high fashion and formalwear, while taking reference from both, Paul Smith has always been proud to stand apart.

MOSCOT is a New York City Institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear ― The MOSCOT Originals and MOSCOT Spirit Collections.

MOSCOT infuses its unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic with over 100 years of eyewear expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship to create its timeless eyewear. While now recognized as a global fashion brand, MOSCOT remains, at heart, a neighborhood optical shop.

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear knows how to make a frame this individual. Years of experiencesince 1978, paired with a feel for the zeitgeist and sensitive dexterity – with these, specialists create beautiful eyewear from natural materials.

The following pages allow an inside view of the philosophy and handcrafting skills necessary to breathe life into such a frame.

Hoffmann Natural Eyewear knows how to make a frame this individual. Years of experience since 1978, paired with a feel for the zeitgeist and sensitive dexterity – with these, specialists create beautiful eyewear from natural materials. The following pages allow an inside view of the philosophy and handcrafting skills necessary to breathe life into such a frame.

Bottega Veneta Eyeglasses are the next brand extension of the famous Italian Atelier. The eyeglasses collection is designed by the creative director, Tomas Maier, who has been the driving force for over 15 years. Discretion, quality and unsurpassed craftsmanship - Bottega Veneta has established a new standard of luxury since its founding in the Veneto region of Italy in 1966.

Steeped in the traditions of Italian master craftsmen, the house's artisans create with an extreme attention to detail, high precision and relentless perfectionism. And they have passed this attention to perfection through to the eyewear collection.

From Bottega Veneta's atelier - within an 18th century villa in Montebello Vicentino - with their hands, eyes and heart, they turn leather craftsmanship into an art.

The eyewear collection is handcrafted in Italy and Japan to guarantee uncompromising quality and lasting beauty in all their spectacles. The manufacturing process combines traditional production methods that focus on the hands of the artisans with modern technologies resulting in outstanding craftsmanship and unique details.

DITA’s commitment to craftsmanship is just one example of how we hold true to the time-honored belief that there are no shortcuts to quality. Like samurai swordsmiths from a bygone era, our master craftsmen have dedicated as many as 50 years to perfecting their crafts. These modern day masters bring our innovative designs to life by transforming the finest acetates and metals into eyewear of incomparable beauty, quality and style.

Luxury is a word so overused in recent years as to have been rendered virtually meaningless. DITA is one of the few remaining eyewear brands that delivers on genuine luxury’s promise of inspired designs, extraordinary materials, exceptional craftsmanship and exclusivity. To experience DITA is to experience genuine luxury.

Creating a Dita Frame

The Process of creating a single DITA frame can take as many as 320 separate productions steps over 8 months. Our manufacturing process delicately balances traditional and modern production techniques and technologies carefully selected at each stage to generate the best result. A perfect example of DITA’s uncompromising production philosophy is the way in which we polish our acetate frames.

Unlike brands that commercially process massive quantities of acetate frames as quickly and cheaply as possible, we prefer to slowly tumble our acetate frames in genuine, hand-cut bamboo chips of varying shapes and sizes. In addition to utilizing a renewable resource, our traditional bamboo polishing process results in a deeper, richer, higher quality finish that you’ll immediately see and feel the moment you hold a DITA frame in your hands.

He began his business with five suits and with a small by-appointment-only shop in 2001 and introduced his ready-to-wear collection in 2003.

His traditionally based hand-made suits have evolved into collections recognized by museums around the world including the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Fashion Museum in Bath. Browne’s innovations in tailoring have been identified with impacting the paradigm of men's and women’s fashion.

The Thom Browne collections for both men and women are available through Thom Browne stores in New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong as well as at luxury designer specialty stores around the world, such as Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys New York, Colette and le Bon Marché in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, Tokyo and New York, Mr. Porter, Selfridges in London and Isetan, Hankyu and United Arrows in Tokyo.

Make a statement - LINDBERG eyewear tells the world you subscribe to a different way of thinking, and have a connoisseur’s appreciation of exceptional design and high-quality materials. Every frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.

Discreet excellence - Everything we do is steeped in the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity. LINDBERG
designs have won dozens of prestigious design awards.

Individually crafted - Frame to order, combining unique materials, production technologies that we have developed ourselves, and the best of individual craftsmanship. Each frame is customised to your particular preferences, hand-finished and individually numbered.

Saint Laurent Eyeglasses is the recently re-introduced and re-branded line from the venerable fashion house, Yves Saint Laurent.  

Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce,  in 1966, the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter with a collection called “Saint LaurentRive Gauche”, synonymous with youth and freedom, setting a first critical step  in the modernization of fashion and revolutionizing the socio-cultural landscape.

Throughout the years, the House kept true to its identity of absolute modernity and today it is one of the most prominent fashion houses of the twentieth century. Under the “Saint Laurent Paris” brand name, it offers a broad range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear products, leather goods, shoes, jewellery and eyewear.

In April 2016 Anthony Vaccarello has been appointed as Creative Director of the House.

Known for premium quality, an inventive approach to design and innovative colour combinations, Ørgreen has always embraced the cutting edge over the safe and the cool versus the commonplace.

Designed and developed in Denmark, each of our frames are handmade in Japan, using only the most high-end materials. Rather than build on fleeting trends, the inspiration comes from classic lines reinvented into a unique look all their own.

Stella McCartney is a luxury lifestyle brand that was launched under the designer’s name in partnership with Kering in 2001. Stella’s approach to design emphasises sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity.

The brand is committed to ethical values, and believes the company is responsible for the resources it uses and the impact it has on the environment. It is therefore constantly exploring innovative ways to become more sustainable, from designing to store practices and product manufacturing.

Stella McCartney offers women’s  ready-to-wear, as well as handbags, shoes and a children’s line. It has also developed eyewear and a woman’s fragrance.

Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands. At the beginning of 2015, Gucci embarked on the next chapter in its history,under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, with the introduction of a new contemporary vision, which is re-establishing its reputation as one of the world’s most influential luxury fashion brands.

Eclectic, romantic, and above all contemporary, Gucci is currently inventing a wholly modern approach to fashion and thereby redefining luxury for the 21st century.