2 out of 5 eye tests not up to scratch, according to Which?

We investigated 30 opticians and found many issued inaccurate prescriptions, missed important tests or failed to warn about health risks

An undercover Which? investigation into the quality of eye tests has found that almost half of opticians investigated were not up to scratch. We sent undercover researchers into branches of independent opticians and chains such as Boots Opticians, Optical Express and Specsavers for an eye test, and asked a panel of experts to assess recordings of the appointments. A total of 13 out of the 30 optician consultations were rated as poor or very poor by our expert panel.

In the worst cases, optometrists issued inaccurate prescriptions that didn’t correct eyesight problems such as astigmatism or double vision, which would have left our researchers with unsafe glasses. Some optometrists are also failing to warn patients about common eye health problems.

Important tests were also missed, such as checking the pressure of the eyes or looking at the health of the front of the eye, that could reveal potentially serious eye health problems. All of our undercover researchers were aged all over 40, meaning they were at higher risk of problems such as glaucoma.

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